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When comparing commercial ice machines, you’ll notice that they come in options for different ice shapes and sizes. One of the most popular sub-categories of commercial ice makers are cube ice makers. But there are more options, still. Cube ice machines are capable of producing different size cubes, including full, half and regular. One popular style is the ½ dice ice machine, which makes ice that’s half the size of full cubes. For comparison, a full dice cube typically measures about .875 inches by .875 inches. CKitchen has a large assortment of commercial half dice ice machines to suit your specific needs.

Half cube ice is often considered the most versatile ice shape out there. One reason why proprietors — especially restaurant and convenience store owners — prefer this type of ice is because it has a higher ice-to-water ratio compared with other types of ice. Additionally, you can pack more of it into a glass, which is essential when it comes to fountain drinks and cocktails. Half dice ice makers may produce ice that melts faster than other shapes, but they’re still some of the most popular in the commercial realm. We offer a variety of styles by Hoshizaki, Manitowoc and Scotsman at CKitchen.

Ice makers are often categorized by their condenser type. We offer air-cooled, water-cooled and remote-cooled half cube ice machines. Air-cooled models are the most common and cost-effective (they require no extra water for power) but need extra clearance space. Water-cooled styles, on the other hand, can be costlier to operate but better in small, hot or humid spaces. For more information, be sure to reference our commercial ice machine guide, which will help you determine which model is most appropriate for your needs. You can always reach out to the team here if you need advice on buying a commercial ice maker.


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