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Commercial Broilers & Salamanders

Commercial salamander is placed above the oven. Commercial broiler for a gas stove is located below the oven. And the electric broiler`s elements are placed at the top of the oven. Both are especially useful for fast cheese melting or browning of a single dish. offers a line of broilers and salamanders from top restaurant equipment & restaurant appliances manufacturers Vulcan, Garland and Montague. Vulcan’s line of deck broilers and salamanders come in either gas or electric with a 3, 5, or 6 position broiling grid with stainless steel sides and back-risers. Garland’s line of commercial broilers & salamanders are available in cuisine salamander broiler or banquet broiler models. Choose between gas and electric models with stainless steel construction. Montague offers a line broiler and salamander floor and counter top models. Choose from Heavy Duty Range floor models gas or standard broilers that function with the use of charcoal. Models come standard with stainless steel trim with a cast iron grid. Countertop models are available with radiant burners or solid sheathed heating elements. Units are available in either 3,5, or 6 position broiling grid. Choose a broiler or salamander product from today for a guaranteed low price and top quality product performance. Give us a call and invest in the commercial broilers & salamanders or any other commercial restaurant equipment or kitchen equipment today with the knowledgeable assistant of one of our certified food service equipment professional.

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  • SKU # VBB1BF
  • FINANCE FOR: $223.76/mo.

  • SKU # VBB1CF
  • FINANCE FOR: $281.34/mo.

  • SKU # VBB1F
  • FINANCE FOR: $200.99/mo.

  • SKU # VBB1SF
  • FINANCE FOR: $242.93/mo.

  • SKU # VBB2
  • FINANCE FOR: $281.24/mo.

  • SKU # VBI2
  • FINANCE FOR: $311.93/mo.

  • SKU # VIR1BF
  • FINANCE FOR: $259.61/mo.

  • SKU # VIR1CF
  • FINANCE FOR: $350.17/mo.

  • SKU # VIR1F
  • FINANCE FOR: $214.71/mo.

  • SKU # VIR1SF
  • FINANCE FOR: $298.13/mo.

  • SKU # VIR2
  • FINANCE FOR: $334.29/mo.

  • SKU # VST3B
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.69/mo.

  • SKU # VST4B
  • FINANCE FOR: $242.32/mo.

  • SKU # C36IRB
  • FINANCE FOR: $59.05/mo.

  • SKU # C36RB
  • FINANCE FOR: $52.62/mo.

  • SKU # VIB2
  • FINANCE FOR: $311.93/mo.


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