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Commercial Griddles offers a line of commercial restaurant griddles from the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in the industry. Cecilware offers a line of countertop griddles or griddle-cheesemelters. Choose from electric or gas powered units. All come standard with a thick smooth polished steel griddle plate. Vulcan offers a line of Heavy-duty gas or electric griddles or standard size griddles. All units are countertop models and come standard with a thick polished steel griddle plate. Hobart’s line of standard and Build-up griddles come standard with a thick smooth polished steel griddle plate and thermostats at 12”zones. Hobart offers the option to customize your griddle. Eagle offers a line of RedHot’s Chef’s griddles. Units are gas countertop models that come standard with a welded polished steel griddle plate and 4” high stainless steel splash guards. Montague’s line of SAT Legend Heavy duty gas griddles come standard with a 1” thick ground and polished steel plate with a BTU range from 60,000-180,000. Garland offers a line of designer series, E series, G series, Teppan Yaki Drop in models, regal series, R series and C series griddles. Garland has one of the largest selections of griddle models with varying specs and production capacities to choose from. Turbo Air has a line of countertop gas griddles with removable grease pans, manual controls and a BTU range from 44,000-88,000. Choose a commercial griddle product from today for the lowest prices guaranteed and top performance products that are durable and reliable. Find the right commercial griddles or other restaurant equipment & commercial kitchen equipment to suite your needs. Call us for the proper advice on design and product performance from certified food service equipment & kicthen appliances consultants to make the right decisions on the restaurant equipment you choose.

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