Hands-Free Sinks and Automatic Soap Dispensers

Hands-Free Sinks and Automatic Soap Dispensers

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers have become more popular in recent years, but many reserve these for use in public bathrooms. In fact, there are hands-free sinks and dispensers available for kitchen use as well. There are many advantages to using a touchless sink, and those advantages can be compounded in a commercial kitchen environment. From an economical, environmental, and food safety standpoint, switching to hands-free faucet technology might be the way of the future. 

Automatic Pot Washers and Pre-Soak Agitating Sinks

Many restaurant owners find themselves trying to rub two pennies together to make a nickel when it comes to equipment needs. So many of the extras tend to get left out. What many don’t realize is that these technologies and extra investments have been made to cut down on total costs over time.

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