EPA Proposes to Phase Out Refrigerant

EPA Proposes to Phase Out Refrigerant

President Obama’s Climate Action Plan aims at transitioning traditional methods of energy use into sustainable and environmentally-friendly sources, and the EPA is following alongside these goals by releasing proposals to cut back on many of the common HFC refrigerants that are in use today. 

Meat Tenderizing

Meat Tenderizing is a wonderful food preparation technique that can drastically improve the texture and taste of your meat. When meat is properly tenderized and later seasoned it holds the seasoning better and the result is delicious tasting meat.

How to Split a Check When Dining Out

While dining out with friends or colleagues can be fun, trying to figure out how to split the check without having everybody leave with a headache… is not so fun. Moreover, the majority of the time, the headache and stress that trying to figure this out causes, isn’t even worth it! Well, here are some quick and easy tips to better deal with the dreaded issue of splitting the check. Hopefully these tips will make the situation more tolerable for you and everybody else, especially if you are not the only one keeping them in mind!

5 Tips for Eating at Restaurants If You Have Food Restrictions

As if living with dietary restrictions isn’t difficult enough, there is then the issue of going out to eat at restaurants to make matters even more stressful. If you think about it, when eating in a restaurant, the fate of your meal rests in the hands of your server and the cooks. Try not to worry. Fortunately, communicating your restrictions and requests to your server may not be as complicated as it seems. Here are five tips for you to use while you are out.

Changing Seafood Preferences

In recent years, seafood sustainability has become more and more of a hot topic, and restaurant and food trends in general have swayed heavily towards environmental sustainability and transparency. The result is that customers are changing the way they select their seafoods, and these preferences are based on a variety of factors.

Kitchen Design: Air Curtains

Kitchen Design: Air Curtains

Air curtains - also known as air doors - are a necessary addition to maintaining the integrity of the temperature of your kitchen. Let’s take a look at the mechanics of an air curtain and what it can do for your restaurant.

Choosing the Right China

For many customers, a restaurant’s choice in dinnerware isn’t their primary concern. Restauranteurs, chefs, and foodies, on the other hand, will notice the difference that plateware can make on presentation. In fact, guests that typically wouldn’t notice plateware may, in the case of poor choice in china, perceive the overall quality of the meal to be lower because of poor presentation or cheap dishes! Having a high quality meal served on crummy china can break the perception of the meal and ruin the overall presentation, reflecting on the meal itself. Make a lasting impression on your guests by keeping these tips in mind when choosing the right china.

3 Reasons Why Food Trucks are So Popular

Over the past few years, food trucks have gained momentum within the restaurant industry, causing many restaurant owners to take note. In fact, some owners have invested in food truck operations as a side business to capitalize on this fad and open up additional avenues for profit!

Understanding EMV

Understanding EMV

EMV machines are part of this evolution that will accept microchips embedded in cards. In fact, starting Oct. 1, 2015, merchants who haven’t invested in EMV-enabled equipment will be liable for fraudulent purchases made with a counterfeit credit or debit card. So, will your restaurant be adapting to the new EMV machines?

Tiger Woods Opening a New Restaurant In Florida Today

When celebrity and kitchen combine, the result can be delicious, inspiring, and unique! Professional golfer and one of the highest-paid athletes in the world Tiger Woods announced the opening of his new restaurant on August 10 in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida called The Woods Jupiter.

What You Need to Know about Portable Cooktops

Restaurants with catering capabilities especially can benefit from the addition of portable cookware, although brick-and-mortar establishments can also reap the benefits of cooktops that can be stowed away if not used often.

3 Tips on Starting Your Own Food Truck Business

If you’re planning to start your own food truck business, negotiating investments and the potential for profits can certainly be a chore. Here are 3 tips for those who are considering opening their own food truck business.

3 Hacks for Your Panini Grill

Grilled panini sandwiches have been making their way into our modern-day culture, cuisines, and bellies since 1956. Traditionally, freshly-pressed and grilled sandwiches hot off a panini grill utilize ciabatta, rosetta, or baguette sliced bread with any number of fillings for a toasted lunch or dinner entree. But as tastebuds evolve and creativity is given precedence in the restaurant industry, panini grills have become more than just a sandwich-pressing machine. Here are 5 hacks that you can use with your panini grill.

California Drought

The drought in California is having a ripple effect across America, and restaurants are soon to feel the pressure of increases in prices.

New Restaurants Being Built For The London 2012 Olympics

New Restaurants Being Built For The London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics promises to be an exciting time for the United Kingdom. Athletes and fans from all over the world will descend upon the British city for a few weeks at the end of the summer, and many new facilities will be completed in time to offer a variety of services to these people. Since every visitor is going to need to eat, many new restaurants are being built by international corporations.

Celebrate Passover And Easter with Matzo-Ball Soup

Celebrate Passover And Easter with Matzo-Ball Soup

Though traditionally considered a Jewish dish, Matzo-ball soup is a perfect precursor to any meal. Owners should consider putting this item on their menu to increase their customer base. 

Workplace Trends for 2016

Workplace Trends for 2016

When operating a restaurant, you’re likely to zero in on trends in the industry. Here are some workplace trends to keep an eye on in 2015. 

Establishments Look To Implement New Restaurant Equipment In 2012

Establishments Look To Implement New Restaurant Equipment In 2012

When business is booming, many companies look to spend more on improving their efficiency. For culinary establishments, this means purchasing restaurant equipment that can help chefs perform everyday tasks such as preparing food and keeping drinks cold. 

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