Life Hacks: Panini Grill

Life Hacks: Panini Grill

The panini grill has evolved to be utilized in many more arenas than simply sandwich making! Here are a few ways to jazz up your menu with multifunctional uses of your panini grill.  

3 Hacks for Your Panini Grill

Grilled panini sandwiches have been making their way into our modern-day culture, cuisines, and bellies since 1956. Traditionally, freshly-pressed and grilled sandwiches hot off a panini grill utilize ciabatta, rosetta, or baguette sliced bread with any number of fillings for a toasted lunch or dinner entree. But as tastebuds evolve and creativity is given precedence in the restaurant industry, panini grills have become more than just a sandwich-pressing machine. Here are 5 hacks that you can use with your panini grill.

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