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Walk-In/Reach-In Design

 Walk-In vs Reach-In: A Designer's Perspective

Walk-In vs Reach-In: A Designer's Perspective

“Well, If I have a walk-in cooler, do I really need to have a reach-in and work top refrigerators?”
This question comes up often when I discuss the layout and design of a client’s kitchen.  The answer is that it depends.

The kitchen size will make a difference; If the available space is somewhat small and can’t support both reach-ins and a walk-in, then even a small walk-in would yield better cu ft of storage.

For instance, a 6ftX7ft walk-in would be equivalent to having two two-section and one single-section refrigerators.  A walk-in will have one compressor; the reach-ins would require three. However, if space allows for reach-ins and worktop refrigeration, then we don’t want to busy up the kitchen with staffers all heading to the one refrigerated walk-in available, or running up and down to the cellar when they need refrigerated ingredients.

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