Every restaurant owner is responsible for providing a safe environment and product for their customers. The HACCP system was designed to award restaurants who achieve regulated measures of food safety excellence, and many restaurants are well on their way to achieving this standard. For small business owners, the HACCP standards can seem daunting. In response, the FSA created a HACCP tool that’s free to use to help guide small business owners towards their goal of HACCP certification. Here’s the run-down on the FSA’s new web tool for HACCP.

First off, who is this web tool designed to benefit? While HACCP principles are relatively generic, the FSA’s tool is designed for small businesses with 50 employees or less. Here’s a list from their website of business focuses that could benefit from this tool:

  • meat processing and meat products

  • dairy products and cheese production

  • liquid milk and cream production

  • fish and shellfish processing, and fish and shellfish products

  • fruit and vegetables processing/preserving

  • confectionery products

  • prepared meals

  • sauces and condiments

  • drinks manufacture and water bottling

As we’ve said, the HACCP principles are generic, so if you don’t see your business type listed here, it may not necessarily mean that you couldn’t make use of the tool!

The FSA created MyHACCP to help guide small businesses towards their goal of becoming HACCP certified, and there are many programs within the tool to assist you and your business. For instance, you can find template documents such as record monitoring sheets that can be continually added to and updated as you make your way towards achieving your goals. These documents can be embedded into your everyday life to show that you and your business have a recorded documentation of your food safety practices.

Chris Grimes, Director of the trade association group SALSA, said: 'A thorough HACCP study and well executed plan are fundamental for a successful food safety management system and certification to food safety standards. MyHACCP provides a useful guide to follow the process and a helpful tool for recording the study and producing a practical plan.'

Head over to their website here and create your free account today!



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