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New Year, New Needs

New Year, New Needs

2015 is just around the corner (it’s crazy, right?!), and once peak holiday season is over, many restaurant owners will have the opportunity to reflect on the previous year. Did your equipment measure up to your needs? Has your menu and loyal following grown substantially? Do you offer new items that you didn’t have in January 2014? All of these questions force one to reflect on their kitchen’s inner workings and whether or not their equipment rose to handle the tasks at hand. This year, rather than being reactive in your equipment needs, it’s time to be proactive and prepared for another successful season!

When taking measures to outfit your kitchen appropriately BEFORE the needs arise, you’ll need to analyze your current needs, goals, and expected projections.

  • Menu. Do you plan to change your menu? Are there new food trends that you anticipate wanting to use in your menu? Your menu is the driving force behind the decisions you make with your setup and equipment. Rather than tailoring your equipment to your current needs, take a look at what you anticipate your menu to look like, and outfit your kitchen appropriately.

  • Goals. If you’re looking to increase your sales by increasing traffic, then you’ll need equipment that can handle the load! For instance, if you typically sell pizza on your lunch menu but plan to boost traffic, then you may want to consider a specialty pizza conveyor oven.

  • Projections. Consider projected trends for the upcoming year, and understand that while you may not include those trends NOW, you may be forced to adhere to some of these demands within the coming year. Also, if you foresee some of your equipment expiring within the next year, take steps to set yourself up for a new unit before your old one bites the dust.

Don’t wait for your old machines to wear out. The law of the land says that your most valuable equipment will likely sputter out during peak hours, so if you know that one of your units is pushing its life expectancy, then you may want to consider investing in its replacement now, before it causes a kitchen meltdown with customers waiting. Taking a proactive stance when it comes to kitchen equipment is worth the time, effort, and money.


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