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Brilliant Tricks to Use in The Kitchen

Brilliant Tricks to Use in The Kitchen

Like many people, you probably spend a great deal of time in the kitchen - from preparing meals to simply hanging out and catching up with family.

However, here are some tips and tricks you can use in the kitchen to save time and make sure you are creating and serving the best food possible.

Using these hacks, you’ll ensure that you aren’t spending more time in the kitchen than you want to be!

Super Easy Brown Sugar Hack

Brown sugar is one of the most used ingredients when it comes to baking.

You know that horrible feeling you get right when you’re about to scoop some brown sugar up then you find out it’s too hard to scoop. Your brown sugar is hard as a rock, and now you have to make an extra trip to the store. Well here is a hack that will save you some time and money.

Put some brown sugar into a plastic container and throw in an apple slice or orange peel. Next, shut the container. Make sure to seal the container airtight for the best results.

You also can use a couple slices of bread to keep your brown sugar (or cookies) moist!

Pull Those Stubborn Egg Whites Away from the Egg Yolks

This task can become a simple one. Keep your hands and the kitchen clean with this trick.

Get a plastic water bottle and carefully squeeze the bottle so that there is no air in it. Next, dip the top of the water bottle into the egg yolk. When the air gets pulled back in the bottle, your egg yolks will be all scooped up with it.

How to Get Juicer Fruits

Lemonade is always a favorite as winter goes away and summer starts to show its face.

When you’re ready to make some lemonade put your lemons in the refrigerator, and then, put them in the microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds tops.

Now cut the lemons and use utensils to squeeze all the delicious juices out.

Tired of Crying Over Onions?

Put your onions in the freezer before cutting them up and preparing them for your next dish.

The only tricky part of this hack is that you need to use the onions on the same day. If you forget your onions are in the freezer and try to use them days later you will end up with wilted, soggy onions.

Get Soft Butter Quicker

There are a variety of options to choose from to thaw your butter quicker.

1. Grab a Cheese Grater

Grab a cheese grater and grate your butter into small slivers this way. By grating your butter, it will melt smoothly and quickly.

2. Cut It Up

All you have to do is cut your butter up into 8 to 10 pieces and let it thaw. By cutting it up you’re eliminating some of the surface area, so it will melt much quicker.

3. Get a Rolling Pin

We do not always have time to let butter thaw. You can take your cold butter right out the refrigerator and flatten it with a rolling pin. The friction and larger surface area will help it thaw quickly.

Grab some wax paper to put the butter on, and once it Is flattened you can peel it right off.

Best Microwave Cleaner

Sometimes microwaves get crummy and nasty. It can be very difficult to clean the microwave out thoroughly.

To get your microwave clean once and for all, get a sponge and soak it in water. Open the microwave, plop in your wet sponge and turn it on for a minute or two.

The wet heat from the sponge and microwave will loosen even the toughest of grime.

How to Make Sure Your Knives Stay Sharp

If you put your knives in the knife holder upside down, then you won’t have to worry about your knives dulling out as quickly.

Upside down refers to the sharp tip of the knife facing towards you. This may seem somewhat odd but know that sharper knives lead to less frustration and force when cutting.

Getting Cast Iron Clean

Cast iron pans can quickly become rusted if we use soap and water to scrub them. Instead use salt to get rid of unwanted left overs that are in the pan.

Using the salt is a gentler way of cleaning, but still gets the job done perfectly.


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