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Don't "Nuke" It!

Don't "Nuke" It!

Many professional chefs hate the thought of sliding their completed presentations under heat lamps so that it doesn't get too cool before it's presented to diners. Heat lamps have a drying effect on food that not only effects its presentation but can also impact the flavor. At the same time, these chefs despise the thought of having to reheat their dishes in the microwave.

A better alternative to both heat lamps and microwaves is a food rethermalizer. Food rethermalizers can help keep dishes at the right temperature until they're ready to be served. They can also reheat food without using radiation, and without the drying effect that often occurs when using microwaves and heat lamps.

Food rethermalizers are the perfect pieces of restaurant equipment for chefs who won't settle for serving second-rate fare to their diners. Diners will appreciate the resulting products much more, and they will likely never know their food was reheated in the first place. Preserve your entrees and your reputation by using a rethermalizer in place of heat lamps and microwaves.


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