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Pizzerias May Step Out Of The Norm With Unique Toppings And Crusts

Pizzerias May Step Out Of The Norm With Unique Toppings And Crusts

Though regular cheese pizza has become a staple in many diets, sometimes these pies can be a bit bland. This is why any sort of meats, vegetables and cheese are placed on top to spice up a particular dish. However, toppings can also become boring if they are enjoyed too often, and a pizzeria that is looking for an expanded customer base may consider stepping outside of the box to provide unique menu items.

Seasonal varieties capitalize on the current times, and any traditional holiday meal can be placed directly on top of a pizza for maximum effect. For example, think of Thanksgiving - turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are the staples of this gorging day. Why not throw these items on top of a pizza pie? A Thanksgiving pizza could include corn, yams and even cranberry sauce, and might result in increased business during the month of November.

However, as with any kitchen, it is important to stay clean and organized while preparing a dish. Restaurant equipment like the Randell 8148D-290 Refrigerated Raised Rail Prep Table can be used as a platform when creating the Thanksgiving Pizza. Turkeys can be carved right on the surface, and trimmings will not fall off the raised edges.



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