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Reggae-Themed Restaurant Stirs Up California Restaurant Life

Reggae music conjures images of Jamaica and the Caribbean, everything from palm trees and clear skies to the tropical cuisine served at beachfront restaurants. Tourists have long taken advantage of these local establishments, but recently there has been an exodus to the United States, especially along the coast. If an owner desires to target this unique demographic, a menu can be updated with a reggae theme.

For example, a new restaurant is being planned in Orange Beach, Alabama. Local entrepreneur Eddie Spence proposed building a new establishment that will be named after famous singer Bob Marley, the first of its kind in the United States.

"We will create 300 jobs and $10 million in sales our first year," said Spence, according to Al.com. "We want to be a good neighbor. We have no intention of breaking any sound ordinance."

 Restaurant equipment

 Spence might want to consider purchasing refrigeration equipment like the Delfield 18660BSTMP Refrigerated Work Table to help keep necessary ingredients fresh over the course of daily operations. This unit has an open top for cooking tasks and a fridge built into a sturdy steel frame. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen that is going to be churning out Jamaican-themed food.