High Fuel Costs Can Be Subsidized With Efficient Restaurant Equipment

Just like any other machinery, restaurant equipment needs fuel to function properly. This can be an active fuel like gas for a stove or a passive one like electricity coming from an outlet. The cost of energy can spiral upwards if employees do not monitor the use of fuel, and sometimes establishments are forced to shut down due to a lack of available funds. However, energy-efficient appliances may be used to reduce the cost of cooking and cleaning.

The Daily Courier reported that among other things, rising fuel surcharges caused frustration for Chuck Roberts, the owner of Cattleman's Bar and Grill near Prescott, Arizona. This manager used Twitter to vent his frustration.

"(Employees) get paid no matter what," said Roberts, according to the news source. "The rent's the same no matter what, the gas bill's the same, the light bill's the same, the insurance is the same, and all of that has slowly but surely eroded away at the profitability."

If owners like Roberts are looking to capitalize on energy efficiency, they should consider purchasing a product like the Garland/US Range S684 Range. If used correctly, this mechanism will not waste fuel over the course of the day and may lower daily operational cost. 

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