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Did You Know? EverPure Water Filtration

Did You Know? EverPure Water Filtration

Many restaurant owners invest large amounts of time, money, and effort in finding the perfect commercial-grade kitchen equipment for their restaurant, but those efforts may be in vain. When it comes to beverage dispensers and ice machines, the water used to create ice and add to beverages must reflect the same quality that you purchased in the design of your equipment. In fact, it’s almost essential for you to invest in a water filtration system to cleanse the incoming water lines to your restaurant - specifically, to your beverage and ice machines. EverPure water filtration systems are the perfect solution to filtering the incoming water to your units, leaving a clean, fresh input for your ice makers and beverage dispensers.

Specialized Filters

The secret is in the accordion-style membrane filters used in EverPure filtration systems! These membranes are designed to filter out impurities up to a half-micron in size, removing foul odors and tastes that would accompany invasive particles. Because of the accordion design, the surface area of just one filter on an EverPure system is the equivalent of six standard filters! This filter is then placed in a canister with durability, helping to extend its longevity.

Ice Machines

While many may think of beverages and beverage dispensers when considering water purifiers, some forget that the ice used in beverages is just as important. Consider this: A glass of purified water can become tainted almost instantaneously when unfiltered ice is placed in it. Also, a high-end glass of liquor on the rocks can become ruined with unfiltered ice! Your ice can benefit tremendously and impact the taste of your beverages, leaving a lasting impression on all of your guests.

Additionally, filters will prolong the life of equipment and greatly reduce the need for deep cleaning and service calls. Manitowoc Ice estimates that water filters will reduce service calls by 60%.

Beverage Dispensers

Perhaps the most noteworthy improvement in filtered water would be in your beverage dispensers. We all know that different taste between unfiltered tap water and filtered water - and your customers recognize this as well! Add an EverPure filtration system to purify the incoming water to all of your beverage dispensers to ensure that your guests aren’t remembering the foul water and ARE remembering your wonderful food!

If you’re looking to invest in a filtration system, give me a call today to help walk you through choosing the right system for your restaurant! With a variety of sizes and options, there’s a perfect fit for any establishment.




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