Alternate Uses for Restaurant Equipment - Conveyor Belt Technology

Restaurant equipment comes in many different shapes and sizes, and even among similar products, there can be distinct differences. There are always innovative and useful ways to utilize commercial restaurant equipment, especially in a high-paced setting. One such interesting piece of technology is the conveyor.

We're not talking about actual conveyor belts, like the kind you see in grocery stores or fast food sushi restaurants - these conveyors are a bed of wheels at a somewhat downward slope, and are typically used in dish-washing. Still there are other ways to use a restaurant conveyor.

Restaurants that have a takeout option also generally have an area for processing and storing those orders, but as orderly as it may look from the outside, the execution may cause havoc. Adding an extra order to the kitchen may be difficult enough as it is, but the commotion that may be caused by having to pick up and box the order in an area where food servers need as much room and as little distraction as possible can be devastating. Consider instead having the kitchen cooks place the food in the box directly, and then using a conveyor to slide the box into the takeout area. This saves time by having the food go directly from the kitchen to the takeout window, and saves space and workforce efforts by keeping everyone out of the way. 

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