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A Vegetable Dryer May Be Just What You Need

A Vegetable Dryer May Be Just What You Need

Restaurants are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. After all, when going out to eat, the typical patron has dozens of choices for where to eat, especially those living in a city. The only way to keep from being lost in the shuffle is to come up with a unique approach to serving meals.

Some accomplish this with decor, some with a unique kind of food and others with low prices. Still, if you've made all the changes you can and are still looking for those few little things to push yourself over the edge, consider updating your restaurant equipment.

A vegetable dryer is a great piece of equipment that can really make a difference in food quality and food storage. Two of the oldest methods for preserving food are using salt to cure it, or drying it out. Before technology advanced, this was accomplished by setting the food out in the sun and heat to help all the water within it to evaporate away, leaving you with a well preserved food item. This method is still occasionally used today with things like raisins and sun-dried tomatoes. However, a food dryer can help quickly and efficiently create dried foods.

This can help first of all, with food storage. Dried vegetables take much longer to go bad, as the mold that would occasionally grow due to moisture content will have no moisture to use. Fruits as well, which normally rot quickly will take much longer to due so when dehydrated.

You can use this to create unique dishes for your restaurant. Slice vegetables like carrots or cucumbers into chip sized pieces, dry them and serve them as a healthy alternative to traditional chips. Crush dried vegetables like peppers or onion into powders for quick and easy use in sauce recipes.

There are other uses as well. Dry out your own fruits to create homemade raisins or other dried fruits for use in dishes that could use the sweetness. Adding dried cranberries to a curried chicken salad can add a nice sweet surprise to complement the curry flavor.

Dried vegetables can also be easily rehydrated when it comes time to use them by simply immersing them in water. Boiling water will quickly rehydrate and cook the item, while cold water will effectively return the vegetable to its original state for use however you want. So whether making homemade pepper flakes for pizzas, or raisins for trail mix, a food dryer is a great piece of restaurant equipment


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