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Tips for Keeping Your Griddle 'Like New'

Tips for Keeping Your Griddle 'Like New'

Servicing your commercial kitchen equipment can help extend its life and keep it running at peak efficiencies, all while potentially reducing the costs associated with maintenance. For many breakfast-style eateries and other types of restaurant that use a griddle as a focal point in their kitchen, servicing their commercial griddle should be one of the top priorities. Indeed, a breakdown of this unit can close your shop indefinitely, so take care to follow a few of these tips when servicing your commercial griddle. 

Empty the Grease Trough

Griddles can accumulate grease, especially if they’re used often for meat products like burgers or bacon and sausage. The grease will accumulate in the trough of your griddle, and it should be emptied on a daily basis. A full trough of grease is a fire hazard indeed, so be sure to empty is as needed throughout the day (but definitely at the end of the day at the very least).

Clean the Surface

The surface of your griddle is where all of your food products are cooked. Thus, keeping this area free of debris and buildup is essential to great-tasting foods! Be sure to use appropriate cleaning solutions though, as using abrasive solutions or ones that aren’t built for cleaning surfaces can damage the cooktop and release foul odors if not rinsed thoroughly.

Similarly, season the cooktop regularly, especially after cleaning. This can help keep foods from sticking to the surface, which will reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning it as often.

Clear the Flue

Your griddle accumulates grease both in the grease trap but also in the spaces above it. As it’s required to have a hood vent and flue to vent these fumes away from your kitchen, your flue itself is likely to accumulate greasy residue throughout the day. After the vent’s flue has cooled at the end of the day, clear it of any debris that you can see to make sure it’s ready to go for the following day!

Practice Proper Usage

Train staffers to use the griddle properly in order to extend the life of your unit. For instance, regular striking of the spatula on the griddle surface can, over time, cause hairline fractures and can lead to an expensive service call. Eventually, this may even total a unit!

Always check for frayed cords (for electric units) and monitor pilot lights of gas units as well. By keeping these service tips in mind, you’re likely to get the most life out of your griddle.


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