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Bake the Perfect Cupcake with the Right Restaurant Supplies

Bake the Perfect Cupcake with the Right Restaurant Supplies

For too long, cupcakes were viewed as inferior cousins to cake. They were smaller, had less frosting and were mostly featured at preteen birthday parties. Fortunately, the wider population recently discovered the value of cupcakes. Of course, they are smaller, but they can pack a bigger taste, and traditional frosting can be substituted with a variety of other ingredients.
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In order for restaurant owners to prepare cupcakes that attract more seasoned customers, they need the proper restaurant supplies and equipment.

Cupcakes are a versatile medium. They are completely malleable to whatever structure they are cooked in. The Admiral Craft AMP-24 Cupcake Pan, for example, can make 24 mini-cupcakes or muffins per batch. The decorator's artistic touch can really set cupcakes apart from the competition.

After the batter, ingredients and cupcake pan has been prepared, restaurant owners need a commercial range that can effectively cook the product. The Garland/US Range C836-17R Cuisine Range is the perfect machine for the job. It is a top-of-the-line range that can put the finishing touches on superior cupcake recipes.

When it comes to making an impact in the cupcake industry, restaurant owners need to make sure they have all of the necessary supplies and equipment to compete with the big brands. The right cupcake pan and range can make all of the difference. 


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