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Providing Vegetarian Options for Religious and Cultural Holidays

Providing Vegetarian Options for Religious and Cultural Holidays

There are many different reasons why people choose to abstain from eating meat. Certain religions forbid the consumption of animals out of respect for ancient doctrine while some people simply look to avoid health problems that may be caused by excessive quantities of meat. A successful establishment will keep all of these dietary needs in mind and use restaurant equipment to provide vegan and vegetarian alternatives to popular animal-related cuisine.

There is no better time than now to implement this strategy because the months of spring are filled with images of greenery and produce. In addition, the Christian holiday of Lent falls from March until April, which forbids believers from eating meat on Fridays during the Lenten celebration. Although fish and poultry are accepted in some religious circles, the best way to avoid controversy is to serve fresh vegetables.

Since Christian Lenten rules are not as strict as veganism, they may consume items like eggs, cheese, and milk. Therefore, a good idea might be offering fried or scrambled eggs instead of chicken, turkey or salami on sandwiches. An egg sandwich is the perfect breakfast snack, but eggs may also be included as filler between lettuce, tomato, and other fare.

That being said, people often underestimate how delicious a tomato sandwich can be. Sliced bread should be salted and toasted, and fresh summer tomato slices placed on top. Though mayonnaise contains eggs, vegan varieties can be spread over the top to add a little bit of texture and flavor. This meal will be perfectly acceptable by vegan customers everywhere, but may also be toted as a summer treat to everyone.

Vegetable salads are also a great item to serve. Since vegetables come from the ground, they are the primary source of nutrients and sustenance for vegans. A fruity dressing coupled with a topping of mixed nuts is the perfect treat on a warm spring day. However, some dressings have minute amounts of animal products - if using prepared or bottle versions, make sure to scrutinize the label for ingredient information.

If you are sticking with vegetables, the Dito Electrolux 601559 VP1-Greens Machine Vegetable Dryer can be used to air out moist vegetables that would otherwise get soggy. The device can hold up to 16 heads of lettuce for incorporation into salads and sandwiches, but may also be used for standard produce like carrots, onions, and cucumbers.


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